how to measure

On this page we give basic instructions on how to measure for each of our ranges.
Just scroll down until you find the range you are measuring for.
If you need any further assistance please call us on 0121 449 8525.

Coving, railing, skirting and architrave

  • Accurately measure the surface area where you'll be installing the mouldings.
  • Add 5% to this total to allow for wastage (10% if ordering from our plaster range).
  • For flexible mouldings on curved walls a minimum radius is given for each moulding. This is the tightest curve that each moulding can accommodate, so please check this dimension.

Door Surrounds (Kits, Design Your Own and Combinations)

  • Measure height and width of the area you are going to cover.

Faux Panels

  • Measure the perimetre of the shapes you are creating, and order accordingly.
  • Allow an additional 5% for wastage(10% if ordering from our plaster range).

Library Systems

  • These fit to the fascia of your recessed area only.
  • Measure height and width of the area you are going to cover. The component parts are supplied to set sizes, but vertical and horizontal sections can be cut to size, or added to if required.

Ceiling Roses

  • These are supplied only in the sizes shown.
  • Generally, the larger the room, the larger the ceiling rose.
  • If being used with a chandalier the rose should not be bigger than the chandalier - two thirds to full width is a good rule of thumb.


  • All pediments are supplied to the sizes shown and most cannot be altered. Pediments 8 and 9 however can be reduced in width or increased by butting two together.

Raised Panels, Niches, Recessed Wall Lights,
Corbels, Shelves, Brackets and Ceiling Domes

  • These are all supplied to the dimensions shown only, so please ensure that you measure the spaces in which they are to be used to be sure that they will fit.

Beams & Joists

  • Main beams generally cross the narrowest width of the room, so measure this and order accordingly.
  • To make up a full ceiling design take the dimensions of the room, including chimney breasts, bay windows etc, and draw these out to scale on a piece of paper. Add your main beams in first and work in smaller beams and joists. For fuller details see our 'designing your ceiling' page.
  • We are happy to help with ceiling design. Please call us on 0121 449 8525.

Interior and Exterior Wall Planks

  • For details on how to measure for these see our 'designing your wall' page.
  • We are happy to help with design. Please call us on 0121 449 8525.
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