What are your products made from?

These ranges are made from polymers. High grade polymers are solidified expanded foams that are solid to the touch and designed to replicate the look and feel of plaster. Lower grade polymers are less dense and sometimes soft to the touch, like our budget polystyrene ranges. You will find details of which polymers are used on each range page.

How do your prices compare with alternatives?

We try to cover all price points across our range. Generally you get what you pay for. Compared to plaster it can vary quite significantly. Sometimes our product costs are much cheaper, sometimes not (sorry to be so vague). Where you should save against plaster is with installation though, as the material’s lightweight, durability, and ease of painting should result in a much quicker installation time.

Can I see a sample?

Yes. Samples are available for most cornice, railing and skirting options. Phone us on 0203 146 4000.

How easy are your products to install?

Much, much easier than plaster and easier than wood. You are unlikely to want to install plaster DIY because it’s heavy, brittle so prone to damage and creates a lot of dust. These products are light, durable with some flexibility and create no dust. Unlike wood and other materials, these products are durable and only need one coat of paint.

Can I install into humid areas like bathrooms?

Yes. All you will need is to order suitable adhesive and use suitable paint.


What if I don’t want to install them myself?

If you choose to call in a tradesman then you’ll be pleased to know that his time will reduce by up to two thirds because of the ease of installation, which will obviously reduce your bill.

Where do you deliver to and how much will it cost?

We can deliver anywhere. Our standard UK mainland delivery charge can vary over time – to establish the current charge simply add an item to the cart and the delivery charge will be displayed, or give us a call on 0203 146 4000.