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We hope that, as you travel around our site, you’ll be excited by the creative possibilities that our products offer you.
There are some techniques though, not immediately obvious, that can push your creative boundaries even further…

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Request or download our brochures.

Extend Your Cornice Feature With Combinations

A cornice can be extended down your wall and/or across your ceiling by adding railing. The railing can butt up to the cornice or, more usually, be spaced away from the cornice. You then paint the cornice, railing and space in-between the same colour. This visually combines all elements into one feature.

This technique allows you to create your own, unique feature. It can also cost out significantly cheaper than buying a single, large moulding.

We have selected a few combinations that work well together in our Cornice Combinations section. Remember, we are happy to supply samples (within reason) for you to play with, too.

It is also possible to join two cornices together to create a single, dramatic cornice. Below is an example where our Premier Cornice 11 has been doubled up in this way.

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Use A Cornice As Pelmet

Sometimes, when you want cornice to run over a window, there simply is not enough space to house it. This can be overcome by simply building your cornice out into a pelmet.

On our Pelmet Cornice page you will find some cornices that lend themselves more easily to this process, as they have extended areas that allow for easier installation onto just the ceiling. You can, however, achieve the same result with any of our high grade polymer cornices, although you might need to reinforce the installation with a bracket or two.

Play With Lighting Cornice

Using light creatively can truly transform a room. We have ranges, from traditional lighting troughs, to highly contemporary LED uplighter, downlighters and side lighters, and even some options for use with spotlights. Check out Indirect Uplighting Cornice, LED Lighting Cornice and Downlight Cornice ranges.

Deep Skirting Features

Combining products at skirting level can create a more decorative skirting feature, or simply a taller, more dominant feature. Products can butt up next to each other or, more usually, be spaced with paint used over the various elements and intervening wall to visually combine all elements into one. We have selected a few skirting and railing combinations that work well together in our Skirting Combinations section, but feel free to create your own unique feature. Remember that we are happy to supply samples (within reason) for you to play with, too.

Paint & Stain Effects

Antiquing and marbling effects can add drama to a feature, whilst adding a wood effect to our standard product range adds a traditional feel (don’t forget that we have a wood effect range too). A good decorator should be able to help if these are the looks you are trying to achieve, but basically:

a. Antiquing: Apply a base coat according to the antique finishing manufacturers instructions. When dry, apply a glazing liquid with a pure bristle brush until the desired effect is achieved. Cheesecloth and fine steel wool can also achieve different effects.

b. Wood stain: Apply a base coat of beige paint. When dry apply woodstain with a pure bristle brush until the desired effect is achieved. When dry apply a satin or gloss finish.

Creating Shapes

You can easily break up a straight line of dado rail by simply adding one of our pre moulded corner pieces. To get really creative why not create shapes on walls and ceilings using railing with mitred corners, our ready moulded decorative corners and flexible railing. Our flexible material even gives you options to easily add cornice, railing and skirting to curved walls.

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