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Ceiling Mouldings Can Transform Your Room. The ceiling can be an overlooked area but, with a little thought and creativity, ceiling mouldings can transform a boring surface into a glorious feature. A ceiling rose is a good place to start, and we have a large range of those within our collection. With ceiling panel mouldings though, you can create something truly spectacular. Ceiling Panel Mouldings, Georgian ceilings and Victorian ceilings, especially in grand reception areas, were frequently decorated with ornate ceiling mouldings. Patterns were designed in plaster. Today you can create similar ceiling moulding effects using our panel mouldings. The most simple technique is to simply follow the wall shape, offsetting your moulding from the wall at an equal distance around your room. Alternatively, you can fill the whole ceiling to your own unique design.

Straight lines are easy enough to create using lengths of material. Pre-made corners exist for some profiles for additional embellishment, if required. Curves can be designed in too using our Flexible Railing, but please take note of the minimum radius details as these indicate the tightest curve a railing will flex too. If you’re unsure, please give us a call.

Other Ceiling Moulding Features, a coffered ceiling is a pattern of recesses in your ceiling. Traditionally these were usually quite deep. Unfortunately, we don’t have a deep moulding to re-create this effect, but we do have a range that can create a shallow coffered effect. For a traditional cottage style feature, we have a large range of ceiling beams. These are truly magnificent, capturing every detail of an original antique beam. You will find much more information about these on our Foake ceiling beams pages.