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Door Surrounds & Architraves Can Transform a Simple Door Opening Into a Stunning Decorative Feature.What is the Difference Between a Door Surround & an Architrave? Both form a decorative feature around a door or window opening. Architrave is a strip of shaped material that is often used all the way around your door to form the full door surround. Other door surrounds use additional decorative features like keystones or corner blocks, or use different elements to form the vertical sections of the surround to the horizontal sections.

What is It’s Purpose? Both architrave and door surrounds provide a decorative feature. They also hide the joint line between the wall and the door lining. They can also tidy up the meeting of the skirting board to the door opening. Usually (although not always) the outer edge of your architrave would project further than the skirting board.

What Styles are Available? There are many options, from simple, plain, modern architraves to grand, ornate Georgian or Victorian door surrounds. Sizes vary, from very slim, to much wider and more grand options. Whichever style you’re looking for, please do remember that we’re on the end of the phone to offer help and advice if you need it, and for most options we can get samples out in the post to you, too.