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Request or download our brochures.

Request or download our brochures.

Dado rail, picture rail and panel mouldings provide a low cost opportunity to transform a room.

What is Dado Rail?

Dado rail sits on your wall, usually about a metre from the floor, and divides your wall in two.

Most customers use it as a simple feature in it’s own right, and decorate the same way above and below it. Alternatively, you can get treat the wall below your dado rail differently from how you treat the wall above it, for example by using different colours, or by introducing a wainscot panelling feature.

You sometimes hear the term chair rail, which has the more functional role of protecting the wall from any damage if a chair back knocks against it.

What is Picture Rail?

Picture rail sits higher up the wall. Traditionally it was used to hang pictures from, and so was shaped to take the picture hook needed to do that.

Our railings can be used at picture rail height if you just want the look, but they aren’t shaped to take a picture hook.

What are Panel Mouldings?

Panel mouldings are just lengths of railing, the same railing you could use as dado rail. The term ‘panel moulding’ generally refers to when these lengths are then cut to make wall panelling shapes on your wall.

These can be simply mitred to create square or rectangular shapes with a square edge. Alternatively, some panel mouldings have pre-made and shaped corners for use where additional embellishment is required.

So, whether so want dado rail, picture rail, or panel mouldings you are basically looking at the same product, just used in a different way or in a different position. And, because it’s relatively small and so uses relatively little material, you can create a large impact for a small price.

If you need any help, please do give us a call. We can also post up to three samples out to you, free of charge, if you want to see a profile before you buy.

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