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Welcome to our range of polyurethane skirting boards. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find something to suit you here.

  • More high grade polymer profiles than any other company, giving you more choice.
  • A perfect finish – consistent – sharp detail – no imperfections.
  • Hardened, impact resistant material, to take wear and tear.
  • Flexible options for easy fit onto curved walls.
  • The best price. Find the same product cheaper online in the UK and we’ll beat it by 5%.

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Request or download our brochures.

Request or download our brochures.

Polyurethane Skirting Boards Give An Unbeatable Finish To Your Project.

Skirting boards became popular during the Victorian era, although they were present in the Georgian era and earlier. Their function was to provide protection against knocks and bumps, reduce draughts and tidy up any rough edges to the wall plastering. These functional properties are still important today. Just as important though is their decorative potential.

A Seamless, Consistent, Skirting Board Finish.

If you want a blemish free finish to your skirting boards, polymers are hard to beat. They have no woodgrain or knots. They are either moulded or extruded, to give a perfectly consistent finish.

From Victorian Skirting Boards, To Modern Designs.

From ornate, tall Victorian designs, to sleek, modern skirting board profiles, we have the products for you. If you need any guidance or advice, please do give us a call. We’ll do our best to help.

Suitable For Damp Environments.

Unlike wood or MDF, polymer skirtings are fine for use in wet or damp conditions, like bathrooms. They won’t rot.

Hard Wearing & Durable.

Most of our skirting boards are strengthened. This means that they can take the knocks and bumps they’ll get down at floor level. They are considerably harder and more durable than something like pinewood.

Fit Wiring Behind.

Most of our profiles are hollow on the reverse, and so have plenty of room to hide wiring behind them, should you wish to.

Flexible Options For Bay Windows And Curved Walls.

Many profiles have a sister product made from flexible polyurethane. This material can bend to most curved walls, including bays, and is manufactured to match exactly it’s standard sister product.

Keep in mind that we can send out samples if you want to test the product out before you buy. If you need any help, please do give us a call.

We hope to hear from you soon.