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The UK's biggest online range of easy fit coving, cornice & decorative mouldings. Plus plaster.

Coving, cornice and other decorative mouldings can transform a home. Here, at ukhomeinteriors, we have more easy fit designs and profiles than any other UK online company, which gives you more choice than you'll find on any other website. To view these simply click on the links using the menu running down the left hand side of each page.

The majority of our ceiling coving has the beauty, surface texture and fine detail of plaster, but is made from modern materials that are lightweight, pre-primed and not brittle. This makes them much easier and quicker to install than plaster, and less prone to damage. But we have no axe to grind as we sell plaster decorative coving, plaster cornice and other plaster mouldings, too.

The terms coving and cornice mean much the same thing. They refer to a strip of material used for decoration or to simply cover the area where wall meets ceiling. Architectural cornice styles have changed significantly through the ages. The ornate, classical styles of the Regency and Georgian era's evolved through the Victorian period to the simple styling of the Edwardians and dramatic linear shapes of Art Deco. Contemporary ceiling coving tends to be even more linear, but no less dramatic for being so. This leaves you with a rich pool of architectural styles and profiles to select from. If you need any help in choosing the right style for you, please call us.

Material is important, too. Early wooden ceiling coving, of the sort you see in some stately homes, is represented in our antique wood effect range. You will find plaster, probably the material that most people associate with decorative ceiling coving, in our plaster range. Polystyrene offers a cheaper option through our trade and budget ranges. A rubberised material can bend to curved walls. But modern polymers represent the majority of the ceiling coving we sell. They look like original materials, but are much more easy to install, and are used by over 60% of builders in Europe now for that very reason (you'll find them everywhere, from mobile homes to the Kremlin!).

Whatever style, material or budget you choose, please rest assured that any order you place with us will be dealt with securely, efficiently and professionally.