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A Wider Choice of Easy Fit Products

As an online retailer of easy decorative mouldings, we source through multiple European manufacturers. This means that, unlike most of our competitors, we are not just tied to one, which gives you a wider choice.

Request or download our brochures.

Request or download our brochures.

Products You Can Trust

Our basic ethos is to source products that use modern, easy fit materials, that replicate the look of traditional materials. In effect, giving you the beauty of plaster or wood, but with a fraction of the installation, and post installation, hassle.

Generally these are products that are lightweight, not heavy. Products that are durable, not easily damaged. Products that, if they are fitted as they should be, won’t move or create problems after they’ve been fitted.

You will find options for most budgets, too.

All of our products conform to all required regulations. All are manufactured within the EEC, who are very tight on their requirements as we all know. We don’t source anything from the Far East, where regulations are frequently not as tight. If you have any specific queries or needs though, please do give us a call.

People You Can Trust

The Company started off as LeeWay – a family company run by a parent and three siblings – in 1999. The Company has moved on a bit since then, and changed the company name; but the team still drive the philosophy, which is to provide as personal a service as we can.

The phone is answered or, if not, you can leave us a message and we’ll call you back. If you have a query or a problem, we’re here to help. If you want a sample, we can usually supply one. We will always try our best.

If you’re not sure, take a look at our Trustpilot reviews. You’ll see that most customers appreciate what we do.

We hope that you will soon become one of them.

Need Some Help?

Whether you are looking for a simple cornice or want to explore your creativity, give us a call.

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