We will use this page to give you the latest news on how the Covid 19 Pandemic is affecting us, and our customers.
We will update it straight away if anything changes.

We currently have full staffing in our sales office, so orders are being processed as usual.

Despatch is running with some minimal delays, due to social distancing reducing capacity
These are usually no more than a day, sometimes two at busy times.

Most deliveries are still arriving in usual timescales with our carriers. There are some
minimal delays, but generally not more than a day or two at worst.

This means that some orders will arrive a little later than quoted on our website.

Where we can, we are supplying customers with tracking details so that you will know that we’ve despatched
and so that you can monitor progress with the carrier. We are, of course, on the end of the phone
to help if needs be.

If you are going to be out, please leave a signed note that the driver
can take as proof of delivery, with instructions where to leave the package.

We hope you all are, and remain in, good health. Take care.


Planning For Brexit

Our antique wood effect products, like beams, are manufactured here in the UK and so will remain unaffected by Brexit.

All other products are manufactured in the EU. Some are imported into a UK warehouse and despatched from there
(those that are quoted as 1 to 2 day delivery on the website).
Others are shipped directly to you from a Belgian warehouse (those quoted as 2 to 3 day delivery).

As things stand, no-one yet knows what arrangements will be in place between the UK and EU come January 1st.
If there is no deal, import tariffs of 6.5% are likely – an increase that will be reflected in our prices for next year.
In addition there may be disruption in getting products in to the UK, especially in the early days.
Our advice is that if you have a project planned for early in 2021 you would be best to order this year
to avoid any price increases and any disruption in getting goods to you.

If you would like to discuss any of these issues with us, please do give us a call.

We will update the information on this page as and when the picture becomes clearer.