What are these products made from?

Our antique wood effect range is made from a polymer and resin mix. This is basically a solidified expanded foam material. It is lightweight, but solid to the touch.

Do they look authentic?

Yes. We have even had customers call us who have moved into a house and lived with the beams for a few years, only realising they weren’t real wood when they came to doing some renovation work. We use rubber moulds (rather than metals like a lot of other mouldings), as the rubber can reach into every nook and cranny to capture every detail of the original timbers. We then hand finish every item to give them a naturally inconsistent colour as close as is humanly possible to the real thing.

Can I see a sample?

Yes. We can send out small samples to give you a better idea of the product. You can also buy a larger section if needs be, the cost of which can subsequently be offset against an order.


How does their cost compare with wood?

Compared to genuine, salvaged antique oak, our beams are cheaper. Compared to modern oak it can vary, dependant upon the quality and market conditions for the oak. Installation costs should be considerably cheaper than wood.

Are your products load bearing?

No. They are purely decorative.

How easy are your products to install?

Being lightweight and easy to cut using simple woodworking tools they are relatively easy to install. Good DIY’ers and tradesmen should have little or no problem. Click here to view our installation page. They are certainly more easy to install than wood.

Can I install into humid areas like bathrooms?


Where do you deliver to and how much does it cost?

We can deliver to anywhere in the UK, or indeed, worldwide. Delivery charges vary over time. To calculate your charge simply fill in a cart and the delivery charge will be displayed. Surcharges do apply to some longer lengths and to some areas. You will see the up to date list of surcharged postcode areas on each range page.

Is there a minimum order value?