Incredibly realistic, antique oak effect, ceiling beams.

Faux Ceiling Beams To Transform Your Home. Indistinguishable from antique oak beams.

How Realistic Are Our Fake Oak Beams? We often get asked this question. I answer by telling customers that we have taken calls from people who have lived in their home for some years, realising that their ceiling beams were our false oak beams only when they came to do some renovation work. They are that good.

We use old fashioned rubber moulds. This is because rubber can get in to every nook and cranny of an original oak beam, and faithfully reproduce it. We use skilled craftsmen then to individually stain each piece. The finished result is an artificial oak beam that looks like a genuine antique. The staining process is done by hand-finishing and due to this and the undulations in the product, the shade and depth of colour may vary across each beam, and between batches. Whilst all reasonable steps are taken to try and match colour, this cannot be guaranteed.

How Easy Are Our Ceiling Beams To Install? Relatively easy. Our beams are lightweight. The material is easy to cut. Most are ‘U’ shaped and so you install softwood battens to the ceiling and then lift the beam over the battens and nail into position.

What Are Their Benefits Over Real Oak Ceiling Beams? Unlike wood, our faux oak ceiling beams won’t rot, bow, crack, split or warp. So, once you’ve installed them, you know they won’t move. They also are moulded from original antiques, so look like an old beam, if that is the look that you want. They are certainly cheaper than an antique salvaged oak beam, if you can even find one.

Please do spend a little time looking at what we have, but if you need any help at all in planning your scheme, or you’d like to see a couple of samples, please do give us a call. We’re here to help.