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Request or download our brochures.

Coving and cornice fulfil a functional role in covering the joint between wall and ceiling. But more importantly, they can completely transform a room.

The Difference Between Ceiling Coving & Ceiling Cornice.

We get asked this a lot, and it’s a technicality that makes little difference to most. Basically a coving tends to be plainer and more regular in size, whilst a cornice is more ornate, and may well have differing dimensions down the wall from across the ceiling.

The Difference Between Plaster & Modern Materials, like Polyurethane.

The traditional material for coving and cornice is plaster.

There are basically two types. Good quality, dense, fibrous plaster, that gives great detailing; and powdery plaster, like gyproc, that is cheap.

Both options are heavy, and need specialist skills to install. They are also brittle, and easily damaged. After installation, movement in walls or ceilings can result in unsightly cracks, or even sections falling down.

Modern, high grade polymers, like polyurethane and duropolymer, capture the detailing of a higher quality plaster cornice, but are more easy to install. They are much more lightweight. They are durable and less prone to damage. They are pre-primed to require just one coat of paint (whereas plaster soaks up several).

A competent DIY’er should be able to achieve a good fit. Or, if you are using a tradesman, installation costs should be cheaper as it can be installed in a fraction of the time.

Lower grade polymers, like polystyrene, compete with cheaper plaster on price, but again are so much more easy to work with.

The Difference Between Us & Our Competitors.

We have more choice of lightweight, polyurethane coving & cornice than anyone else online, because we source through more than just one manufacturer.

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