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Welcome to our columns range. Whatever you’re looking for porch columns or interior columns or pilasters, you should find it here.

  • Beautiful plaster effect – more attractive than grp – more easy to fit than plaster.
  • Suitable for exterior and interior.
  • Not load bearing, but easy to use with a load bearing steel or post.
  • The best price. Find the same product cheaper online in the UK, and we’ll beat it by 5%.

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Request or download our brochures.

Request or download our brochures.

Porch columns or interior columns are stunning decorative features. They can also clad ugly structural, load bearing supports.

What Are Columns For?

Traditionally columns were structural elements that supported a weight, like porch columns do today. They date back to antiquity, and you will find many examples still standing from the Egyptian, Greek and Roman periods.

Although functional, they were often decorated. Many of the columns in our range are in styles that date from those ancient times, like Doric, Ionic and Corinthian.

Our columns are not structural, but they can be used in conjunction with a structural element, like a steel or a wooden post. If you need more details on this please do call us.

What Elements Make Up A Column?

There are usually three. The capital is the decorative bit at the top, the shaft is the main ‘trunk’, and the base, or plinth, is at the bottom.

The capital is usually what gives the column it’s name or style. The shaft can either be plain and smooth, or fluted.

What Are The Various Styles?

Doric Columns are the oldest and simplest of the classic styles. They feature a plainer, square shaped capital.

Tuscan Columns are also plain and are very similar to Doric. They originated in Roman times.

Ionic Columns feature a more ornate capital, with a scroll design. You will find this style of column on the second level of the Colosseum in Rome.

Corinthian Columns date from ancient Greece. They also feature a more ornate capital, with an acanthus leaf design.

What Are Half Columns?

Half columns serve two purposes. By half we mean split vertically down the middle, so full height, but half width.

Most of the half columns that we sell are used to decoratively clad a supporting structure. So the two halves wrap around a post of some sort to form a whole.

They can also be used as decorative elements in their own right, where they are installed directly on to the wall.

What Is A Pilaster?

A pilaster is a flat column, rather than rounded. It is installed directly onto the wall.

Whichever column or pilaster is of interest, please remember that we are on the end of the phone to offer help and technical advice if needed.

We hope to hear from you soon.