Flexible Skirting Boards

Designed for Use on Curved Walls. A perfect solution for curved walls, like bay windows.

How Flexible Skirting Boards Works. Made from a bendable polyurethane material, flexible skirting can flex backwards and forwards on itself. This means that it can bend to concave or convex wall shapes. Most usually these profiles are used as bay window skirting boards. Where the bay curves evenly from one side to the other it is very rare that our products won’t fit – our least flexible option would work in a bay 90cm wide, and most bays are wider than that. Flexible options are the same size and shape as their standard sister options. They are more expensive though, so we recommend that you only use the flexible where needed, and then the standard material where not.

The critical dimension to note with a curved skirting board is it’s minimum radius. This indicates how tight a bend it can flex to. Don’t try to bend a profile to a tighter curve than it’s minimum radius as this may lead to the material degrading and the profile being pulled out of shape. You will find the minimum radii noted under each profile above, and a link to a page showing how to calculate your wall’s radius as well. As previously mentioned, a bay with a smooth, consistent curve that is more than 90cm wide will be fine with any option. If you need any help though, please do give us a call.

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