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Request or download our brochures.

Request or download our brochures.

Exterior Coving & Exterior Cornice Can Tranform A Fascia, Whether You Use It To Decorate Your Roofline, Or Embellish An Orangerie.

Where To Install Exterior Coving.

An external coving or cornice is installed at the top of a wall. Around a house this will usually be where your fascia board and soffit meet, (like the wall and ceiling in an interior room).

Frequently our exterior cornice is also used to embellish an orangerie. Often in these installations there is no soffit, which means that some other method of capping off the cornice is required.

What Sized Exterior Cornice To Use.

This will vary depending upon where you are installing it. For a dormer window only a small cornice is required. The top of a two or three storey wall will require something considerably larger.

If you are unsure, please remember that we do offer a free sample service (although we do ask customers to limit samples to two or three).

And What Are Dentils?

A dentil, in this context, is a small moulding or block that is repeated around your roofline. Rather than buying a length you buy individual items and fix them between fascia and soffit.

What Are Our Products Made From?

We have a small range of pvc, but the vast majority are made from a high grade polymer material. This has the look of plaster, and is fine for use externally. It is lightweight and easy to install simply using adhesives. We have a small range of pre-finished profiles, but most are pre-primed and require a coat of paint.

If you need any help, please do give us a call. We hope to hear from you soon.

Exterior Cornice Overview